Monday, November 21, 2022

3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Professional Copywriting Help

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Hopefully you already feel that you have plenty to be thankful for. The holiday certainly promotes that feeling as we chow down on multi-course meals, watch endless hours of football on TV, and generally decompress from the everyday strain of working life. But if you're a business owner, you're always looking for more ways to boost your bounty -- and handing over your marketing content creation burdens to a professional copywriter can offer a cornucopia of benefits. Take a look at these three reasons you'll give thanks for your association with this kind of marketing content expert.

1. Professional Copywriting Can Boost Your Prosperity

How well did your business do this year? Money isn't everything, of course, and there are many reasons to feel thankful that have nothing to do with income. But when you're fulfilling an immense Thanksgiving grocery order, taking advantage of all the Black Friday deals, and trying to satisfy the kids' Christmas lists, more money beats less money by a country mile. If your company's revenue hasn't quite lived up to expectations, maybe it's time to up your marketing content game. A professional copywriter can evaluate your website, sales letters, and other marketing materials to determine whether the writing needs a facelift. The right messaging, delivered in a properly compelling manner, could make a big difference to your bottom line -- and who wouldn't feel thankful for that?

2. Professional Copywriting Lets You Enjoy the Holiday in Peace

In your career as an entrepreneur, when was the last time you were able to unplug from your business and simply enjoy Thanksgiving (or any other major holiday)? Many businesses get busier and more chaotic than ever at this time of year, heaping stress on owners and other key players. The last thing you need is a pile of marketing content assignments that someone needs to fulfill before the end of the year, especially if that someone is likely to be you. But here's some good news: You can find freelance copywriters who not only keep working throughout the holiday season but actually want to keep working throughout the holiday season. No, we're not masochists; we just like to keep writing because writing pays the bills. So even as you're giving some lucky freelancer a happier holiday, you're taking a lot of work off your plate -- leaving more room for that turkey and stuffing.

3. Professional Copywriting Fills Your 2023 Marketing Pipeline

Ambitious business owners are already looking ahead to 2023. You may be one of those ambitious business owners; if not, you can probably name several direct competitors who fit that description. If you want to stay competitive and launch the new year in style, you need to have your 2023 marketing calendar all ready to go here in the fourth quarter of 2022. When you engage a professional copywriter to provide your business with a steady stream of content for your blog, website, email campaigns and other marketing efforts, you can give thanks for the fact that you've already got 2023 in the bag -- which should mean that you'll have even more to be thankful for this time next year.

Ready to give yourself and your business the best Thanksgiving ever? Contact me today and let;s talk turkey about your marketing content needs!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Want to Make the Best Use of Your Time? Outsource Your Marketing Content Writing

 If you're a business owner, you're painfully aware of the fact that time is money. For us entrepreneurs who have no choice but to trade hours for dollars, time management may be the most important skill we'll ever learn. This applies not only to sole proprietors or micro-business but to large companies -- in fact, the bigger and faster a business grows, the more money can be lost from tiny individual inefficiencies that add up to a massive waste of time. We must always ask ourselves which tasks earn us money and which activities tie up our time and inhibit our money-making ability. Then we need to offload those time-wasting tasks so we can free up more time for the money-making tasks. Makes sense, right?

Writing professional-quality marketing content is one of those necessary tasks that can propel a business to the next level of fame and profitability, but the time investment is brutal, especially for a non-writer. One of the reason so many people -- including some writers! -- fear writing is the fact that it demands so much time, patience, and mental energy. I've been doing it professionally for decades now, and I can tell you from experience that it's draining, so much so that I have to limit my daily output just to prevent serious burnout. So if it can tire an experienced pro, how exhausting must it be for someone who does something totally different for a living?

Your business needs you. Yes, it needs marketing content too, but doesn't it make a lot more sense to delegate that task to a professional and devote yourself to the daily tasks you must perform to keep the money rolling in?

"But I can't afford to hire a writer." Well, that depends on what your own billable time is worth to your company's bottom line. How many hours of your time will your company lose while you sweat over a blank screen or page? I once remarked at a networking meeting that a professional writer can accomplish more in a few hours than a non-writer, burdened with a host of other responsibilities, could manage in a week. I heard several business owners muttering to each other, "More like two weeks," "You mean three weeks," "For me, three months," et cetera.

That's where time leveraging comes in. You hand the job over to a professional who charges a reasonable rate but does the job in so much less time that you still come out way ahead. Plus, you can be reasonably certain the the final product will actually be good enough to help your business make more money. That's what marketing is supposed to do, after all. How annoyed would you feel to have spent all that time (which, as we've established, is money) and frustration writing content that doesn't even work for you?

Most of us already practice this kind of strategic delegation in some way or other. I could probably do my own taxes, for instance, but it would take me forever and I'd probably miss a lot of valuable deductions or make expensive mistakes because I'm not up on the tax laws. By paying a fair sum to a good professional CPA, I can rest assured that I'll get a more effective result without stressing myself out and wasting huge amounts of time. In the end, I've earned far more in billable time than I've spent on the accounting fee. And if it makes sense for accounting, it makes sense for any other aspect of your business that can be farmed out effectively to a qualified pro.

I'll bet your time is worth a lot to you. Spend it wisely!