Monday, June 4, 2018

Smart Money: Why Hiring a Freelance Copywriter Makes Sense

I sometimes receive offers from marketing agencies and other business who are looking to fill a full-time opening for a marketing copywriter. While I'm always flattered to get such requests, I always end up turning them down.

Yes, it may sound crazy to choose the topsy-turvy life of "variable employment" over a guaranteed salary at an established enterprise. Still, freelancing does hold attractions of its own for individuals attuned to the lifestyle (and it is a lifestyle choice, not just a money-making decision). But even as I pass on those offers, I'm always quick to point out to businesses why it might actually be a more sensible move to engage a freelance copywriter in San Antonio, Austin, or wherever they happen to find the right person. Take these perks under consideration:

You Can Run a Tighter Ship

Controlling your business finances means controlling your overhead. Full-time, on-site employees require desk space; the more of these employees you have, the more you're going to shell out in commercial rental space and utility bills. Don't forget the health insurance, retirement accounts, and other benefits you'll be expected to cover. Independent contractors who work from their homes make none of these demands on your budget.

You Can Get the Most Work for Your Money

How much actual work occurs in a 9-to-5 workday, as opposed to water cooler talk, bathroom breaks, and seeing how many pencils can be embedded in the ceiling? When you engage a salaried employee, you'll probably be paying for a fair amount of idleness on top of whatever work actually gets done. When you hire a freelancer, you're paying only for the work -- which only motivates the freelancer to work harder.

You Can Scale Up or Scale Down Easily

How much of a regular writing load can your staff copywriters handle? Do plus-sized projects overwhelm them? Do quiet periods find them looking for things to do? When you have a go-to "stable" of freelancers at your disposal, you can engage as many of them, or as few, as you need for any given project, allowing for optimal cost efficiency. You don't have to worry your one-and-only staff writer calling in sick or going on vacation, either. If you need a writer, just grab one out of your freelance bullpen. Your production schedule won't miss a beat.

You Can Assign Different Writers to Different Jobs

When you're stuck with a full-time writer or writing staff, you're stuck whatever that person or team brings to the table in terms of style, tone, industry knowledge, experience level, and specialized techniques. But when you can pick and choose from various freelancers as needed, you're always able to match the perfect writer up with each assignment. That means fewer rounds of revisions, less time spent on each job, and more free time for you to devote to various money-making pursuits (such as finding and cultivating new clients).

As you can see, it pays to hire a freelance copywriter. Let's talk about how you can put this sensible strategy to work for your business!