Monday, November 18, 2019

Add Some Thanksgiving to Your Marketing Content

Here comes Thanksgiving again! You probably have a great many things to feel thankful for -- including, of course, a chance to fill up on turkey and enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. But if you're thankful to have a business, you'll want to keep that business healthy through the upcoming holiday season. So maybe this is the perfect time to inject a little of that Thanksgiving spirit into the season's marketing content.

Are You Thankful for Your Customers?

A business can't survive and thrive without its loyal customer base, not to mention the new customers who discover it and then pass the word on to their friends. You need your customers or clients to understand that you care about them and appreciate their business -- and what better occasion than Thanksgiving to launch a "thank-you" campaign? Consider such options as:

  • Direct mail or email offers such as storewide discounts and coupons to save on specific products/services
  • A letter thanking your customers for their service and pledging to serve their needs for years to come
  • A TV or radio commercial that expresses thanks to your customers, local community or national audience
  • A public event, sponsored by your organization (and promoted through press releases), that benefits your target audience in some way

Are Your Customers Thankful for You?

If you've done a wonderful job of meeting your customers' needs and providing stellar customer service, those customers are probably just as thankful for you as you are for them. Why not launch some marketing initiatives to draw them out of their shells and get them singing your praises? Examples might include:

  • A fun social media contest that rewards customers who submit the most creative, moving, or entertaining video testimonials
  • An opportunity for customers to contribute guest-blog articles to your site, sharing anecdotes, recollections, and other positive statements about their experiences with your brand
  • A contest in which purchasers enter a drawing to name a new product or appear in your commercial

November and December are powerhouse months for many businesses. Stay visible during all of this activity by expressing your thanks and letting your customers express theirs -- with the aid of some seasonal marketing savvy!