Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Why Your Marketing Video Needs a Script

Video plays a huge role in many brands' marketing strategies, and for good reason. Google owns YouTube, after all, so a viral video on that platform can do wonders for your online footprint. TikTok offers similar appeal in a shorter, more casual format. Unfortunately, too many business owners think that all they need to create the next great video marketing campaign is a decent camera. Even if you invest a considerable sum on professional videography, you can still end up with a meandering, ineffective final product. What's missing, you ask? The script, I answer. Here's why you need to add this crucial piece to your video marketing puzzle.

A Script Communicates Your Message

The last thing you want when making a marketing video is to neglect the actual marketing message you want to communicate. But that's what often happens when you try to improvise your way through the spoken narration. An experienced video copywriter knows how to craft narration that places the marketing message front and center. This specialist also understands how to call for specific visuals at the perfect moments so the words and pictures work together for the most powerful impressions possible.

A Script Provides Structure

What shape will your marketing video take? Without a written framework, you may have no clue until you view the final cut -- and the process of getting to that final cut will be a needlessly messy and frustrating one. When you write the script first, you've got a bird's-eye view of the entire video that lays everything out clearly for you, your marketing department, and your video team. Does the opening feel too wordy? Do the internal points need rearranging? Do you like the transition into the closing moments? When you have a script, you can make those adjustments on paper much more easily than once the cameras start rolling.

A Script Can Save You Money

I know your first reaction to this subheader is, "Wait, hiring a professional to write a script costs money." Maybe so, but I can all but guarantee that you'd lose more money through the cracks of a sloppy production that you'd spend on a scriptwriter's services. Time really is money in the video production world. You're paying your videographer, director, editor, and any necessary crew members some pretty substantial hourly or daily wages -- the more disorganized or difficult the shoot, the more billable hours those professionals will need to put in to create a presentable final result. When they're working from a script, they're all literally on the same page. That means less confusion, fewer between-takes discussions or arguments, and less chance that the team will miss some crucial shot or other and have to schedule an expensive reshoot. Spend a little more up front so you won't end up spending a lot more later.

Now that you see the value of a professional-quality script, you're probably wondering where to find  a professional-quality scriptwriter who also knows marketing inside out. Not to worry, because I've been writing video scripts for business for 25 years. Contact me today, and let's talk about your video venture!