Monday, March 27, 2023

Want to Sell More Products or Services? Market Yourself First

Everyone in business sells something. It might be a product a service, a solution, or even a dream. But if you own a business, you obviously want and need people to purchase what you offer. your natural response to this need might be, "Okay, then it's time to work on my marketing." But instead of simply throwing the spotlight on your products or services, maybe it's time you focused on marketing yourself.

What do I mean by "yourself?" Well, if you're a solopreneur or the public face of your company, you take my suggestion literally. A personality-driven company needs to market that personality first and foremost, because people are buying from you because of how they feel about you an an individual. You may therefore need to take a look at how you've represented yourself in your marketing content. Does your website's About Us page include a compelling bio about your accomplishments, vision, mission, and values? Do your blog and email articles read like they come directly from you, no matter who's actually writing them? Does your call to action invite your audience to connect with you one to one? These and other strategic choices can help people see you and your business as one and the same, offering them a direct line to the boss.

What if you're not the chief cook and bottle washer for your company? Your business still has a public face -- your brand. This brand has its own personality, one crafted by your marketing team to convey your company's overall message. Does your marketing tell that story in a consistent manner across every tool and platform it employs, from the high-profile stuff such as your website and blog down to every last press release, sales letter, and direct mail offer? If not, then it's time to put a professional copywriter and other seasoned marketing pros on the job of creating a more united picture of what you're all about.

Why emphasize yourself or brand before your products or services? Think about how many other businesses, including your direct competitors, are selling similar or even identical things to the same general target market. A commodity is a commodity, no matter how compellingly you market it, unless it's got something about it that makes it uniquely yours -- in which case, we still come back to marketing you or your brand again, don't we?

I've seen this issue come up time and time again with business owners who sell products and services through national or worldwide franchises. These business owners tell me that the franchise already has all the publicity it could ever use; what the need is marketing content that pushes people to choose them over the umptillion others associated with the same franchise. That's when we start creating a personal brand in which the business takes priority over the product or service line. If those business owners later decide to add new offerings or even switch to a completely different source, the personal brand they've established remains rock solid.

Do you need some help marketing yourself or your brand? If so, contact me and put my professional copywriting skills and expertise on the case. Remember, people aren't just buying what you sell -- they're buying you!