Tuesday, November 9, 2021

3 Reasons to Feel Thankful (When You Hire a Freelance Copywriter)

What will you give thanks for this Thanksgiving? If you're in business, you may simply feel thankful that you've kept your head above water after the craziness of the past couple of years. Of course, you probably feel thankful for many more personal things as well -- but for many small business owners, work life quality and personal life quality go hand in hand. You may find that any steps you take to make your business work better also aids your health, your sanity, and your domestic life. With that thought in mind, consider how you could benefit from bringing a skilled, experienced freelance marketing copywriter into your contact sphere. The next time somebody at your Thanksgiving table asks you what you're thankful for, you might include these three answers.

  1. "I'm thankful that I can spend more time with my loved ones and less time sweating over my marketing content." I've said it before and I'll say it again -- writing takes time and effort, no matter how much talent you may have for it or how much you may enjoy it under less pressurized circumstances. You could probably make better use of that time and effort by devoting it to other necessary on-the-job tasks. You may also wish you could stop taking that extra writing work home with you so you could give more time to your family and friends. When you outsource your marketing content writing to a dedicated professional, you're giving yourself the gift of time -- and who wouldn't feel thankful a little more of that?
  2. "I'm thankful that I can feel more confident and less stressed about my marketing campaigns." Any major marketing campaign involves a great deal of physical work and mental energy. You've got to research the competition, evaluate your goals, create a detailed action plan, and coordinate all the efforts of your various creative professionals to bring that plan to successful fruition. It's a stressful job under the best of circumstances -- and if you're winging it by writing your own marketing content, you may feel totally uncertain as to what kind of results you can expect. You might as well take the content creation off your plate by assigning it to a professional writer who knows how to work as a team player, follow instructions, and meet deadlines. 
  3. "I'm thankful for the boost in business I can get from more effective brand messaging." Has your brand messaging wandered off target as your company has grown and evolved? A brand that no longer makes its mark on its target audience can only hurt your revenue figures. You might not even know for certain where the branding inconsistency or ineffectiveness lies. Could it be hiding in your website or print marketing content, for example? Hire a freelance copywriter who specializes in marketing content creation, and you'll have that extra pair of trained eyes you need to evaluate the problem, find out where to make improvements, and then redo the content so it actually promotes the right brand message to boost your income. More Thanksgiving dinner for everybody!

I'm thankful for the opportunity to help folks like you achieve your marketing objectives -- and I'd like to give you reason to feel thankful that you requested my writing services. Contact me, and let's talk turkey!