Tuesday, November 23, 2021

3 Smart Ways to Stay Visible Over the Holidays

We've all been here before. As Thanksgiving approaches, everyone's thoughts turn to road trips, elaborate meal preparation, and figuring out how to divide TV privileges between the football fans and the dog-show aficionados. Then Black Friday hits, followed by Cyber Monday, followed by another wave of chaos in December. Even if your business profits from seasonal holiday shopping, it can easily get lost in the shuffle. So what can you do to market your brand more effectively and stay more visible until the holiday madness settles down? Consider the following three strategies.

Host Your Own Virtual Holiday Party

Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for networking opportunities where they can get to know each other and possibly forge new collaborative and referral relationships. However, if you rely on other organizations to provide such events for you, you allow yourself to blend into the blur of bodies as just another guest with a pack of business cards. To complicate matters further, the COVID-19 pandemic has made large gatherings in hard-to-manage conditions a bad idea. So why not provide an alternative in the form of your own Zoom-based holiday party? As the host, you and your brand naturally grab the spotlight, helping to ensure that every guest pays at least some attention to you. The Zoom environment may also make it easier for guests to enjoy conversations without shouting over each other.

Make Holiday Messages a Part of Your Marketing Routine

Do you want your clients and customers to think of you during the holidays? Can you think of some long-silent clients and prospects you'd like to reconnect with? This time of year offers the perfect opportunity to do so by making use of the time-honored tradition of holiday messages. Send out those thank-you-for-being-a-customer cards and emails, or simply convey your best wishes for the holiday. Better yet, include a special offer or promotional gift to keep recipients engaged or spur them to rekindle their relationships with you.

Produce Holiday-Themed Social Media

If everybody's going to be scouring the Internet for holiday-related stuff as they do every year, why not upload some content for them to find in their searches? Think about how your products and services intersect with whatever special needs or challenges your target market might face during this holiday season. Create blog articles, video clips, Tweets, and other social media content that addresses those issues while gently pointing back toward your company as a possible solution. Launch an online contest of some sort, perhaps involving videos or written testimonials submitted by your audience. Get people interacting on your social media platforms, and they'll stay on those platforms as long as you keep feeding them content that matters to them.

Do your own holiday plans limit your ability to focus on holiday-themed marketing content? That's okay, because many freelance copywriters (including Yours Truly) maintain full-time operations all year round. So contact me, and let's work together to keep your business humming along this holiday season!